The Fibonacci’s sequence is a common algorithm featured in many coding tests that are used for interviewing and assessing aspiring developers. Fear not, the name is more daunting than the actual solution which I discovered after several days of doubting my ability to code — imposter syndrome and anxiety takes no prisoners in tech.

As part of my learning journey into programming and long-standing desire to work in bioinformatics, I have been working through coding problems on the computational biology website Rosalind.

I’m no stranger to Udacity’s MOOC given that it helped propel my career in tech, moving from a biological sciences graduate working in healthcare to a Technical Analyst in just under 6 months. This time round, as a furloughed worker I have been challenging myself to ‘skill-up’ in these unprecedented times (bet you’ve heard and read that phrase one too many times). Fortunately there have been a lot of free online resources and COVID-19 centred incentives in the tech sphere for exactly this purpose. …

Self-love is an interesting concept that I have only recently come to terms with. Even then, I am still learning and evolving as a human. Over the years anime has been a big part of who I am, and I define myself proudly as a bit of a weeb. I have learned many valuable lessons, cried over characters and loved each minute of them. As such, I thought it would be a nice entry into my anime blogging archives to briefly write about the 3 different anime series I have watched in the past that represent self-love.

1. Ancient Magus Bride

The first is…


Human, Analyst programmer, writer and illustrator.

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